Hello, my name is Matthew H. Wyler (Matt to my friends) and I love animation and storytelling. As luck would have it, I’m also an aspiring animator. I grew up loving the classic Disney and Pixar films of the 90’s and early 00’s and they inspired me to want to do what they do.

I studied art all throughout my middle school and high school career and even got an Associates of Arts degree through my community college. But after so many years of drawing the cartoon characters that I love, I wanted to learn how to animate them; so I moved down to Emeryville, CA and began attending SAE Expression College for Digital Arts. There I learned not only how to animate in two dimensions and three dimensions, but also learned all the ins and outs of the movie making process. From story planning, to final editing, and all the digital arts in-between, I learned about them all.

 Now I’m ready to put everything I’ve learned to the test and I want to help make the next great films that will be remembered (and hopefully inspire) the next generation. I look forward to working with you.